Today I’m starting the third month of chemotherapy for my amyloidosis out of what I gather will be a 9 month run overall. So far things have been going pretty well; I suspect I have it easier than many with more complex/serious forms of cancer that require more aggressive treatment. Pretty well means I’m usually pretty seriously wiped the following Monday and then recover, becoming progressively more alert and energetic until the next Saturday’s dose. The never-ending laundry cycle of life at present here at the Tower of Power.

We’ve made one change this month that could be interesting, moving from a 5 minute injection at Princess Margaret Hospital every Saturday to a capsule I can take at home, 3 weeks out of every four-week cycle. The strategy here would be to keep me out of range of any possible COVID exposure for such a minor event. There was one catch, as the pharmacy explained. The 3-capsules cost $10,000. Every month. For 7 more months. My initial response was “I’ll stick with the shot, then, thanks.” But wait she said, we’ll go for a compassionate exception, which means there’d be no cost. I could’ve hugged her for that, but not in this environment. The exception was approved (by the pharma firm,) so here I am, a little safer, and a little apprehensive about how I’ll react to the new drug and dosage approach. I should find out pretty soon as I’ll have taken it by noon today.