Amyloidosis Timeline

Here is a timeline of events during my chemo treatment for amyloidosis at Princess Margaret Hospital. While it’s not directly related to my photography work it, and it’s new friend, coronavirus. is affecting what I can and can’t do. Indulge me!

Cool Timeline

Mar 27

I’ll stick with the good news…

After a week that included a full-torso rash that had me looking like a cooked lobster (drug allergy,) swollen legs, a sore hip and a complete lack of sleep it’s always nice to get some good news:

Mar 22

Bad News/Good News

One of the things with the Princess Margaret is that they’re very transparent with report results, etc. If you use their on line portal you can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of data they provide. So it’s always nice to get a phone call once in a while. One…Read on, MacDuff...

Mar 15

One month in…

It’s now been one month since I started chemotherapy for amyloidosis. It’s been a learning curve. The program I’m on is the same as what’s used to treat multiple myeloma, even though this is not a cancer. The recipe – CYBOR-D – is actually online, if you can believe it.…Read on, MacDuff...

Feb 15

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break

I’d considered writing some philosophical rumination on the past couple of months' developments, but that would be completely out of character. The river doesn’t run that deep here at the Tower of Power.