One of the things with the Princess Margaret is that they’re very transparent with report results, etc. If you use their on line portal you can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of data they provide. So it’s always nice to get a phone call once in a while.

One of the concerns we had with my case and with this particular ailment in general, is that it can damage the liver. The specialist responsible called me with the results of my liver biopsy, with some bad/good news. The amyloid protein has left deposits in my liver – that’s the bad news. The good news is that there’s not enough to be a concern. No need for any significant follow up activity other than an annual checkup.

We also did a detailed MRI of my heart and the results there aren’t quiet as clear. There are deposits but at this point I’m in pretty good shape heartwise, so while this could go either way, we’re looking on the positive side. As my doctor put it, lots of people with heart involvement are treated and continue to live well. So I’ll go with that perspective until I hear otherwise!