The latest results are in and the news continues to be good. The offending protein levels continue to drop. The change from a shot to a pill has also worked out nicely. Side effects are less bothersome and seem to be limited to fatigue. This seems to accumulate from one week to the next so I think the idea of three weeks on and one off makes sense for the new drug. And it’s been a pretty nice week “off,” so to speak. Too bad I start up again tomorrow! Starting my fourth month, hopefully no more than 5 to go to get the protein levels to zero.

I think I have it a lot easier than a lot of people on chemo. I take a total of 101 pills per week, but there are no lengthy stretches hooked up to some injection, no hair loss, or severe nausea, etc. The worse symptoms seem to be insomnia and the resulting fatigue.

I think I’m also weathering what is now 8 weeks of isolation pretty well. Hell, I did pretty much the same thing as a self-employed freelancer for over 30 years. The downside is that because my immune system is compromised, I have to rely on services like Instacart and friends to pick things up for me. The risks are simply too great when it comes to going into an area where I might catch something. This is pretty well going to be the way things roll out until October at the earliest. What I miss the most about all this is good cheese. Most of what I order is what I can get online through Instacart at the Real Canadian Superstore and that’s pretty basic – no Stilton or Shropshire for me. I miss Scheffler’s Deli at St. Lawrence Market.

And if that’s the worst, it’s safe to say things are pretty good overall.