This weekend I start into month 5 – Hump Month! – of my chemotherapy for amyloidosis. After that, and if everything goes well, I’m looking at another 4 months of 101 pills a week. With any luck that will involve nothing more than the same mild nausea, and fatigue. That would be better than the past week, which has been pretty awful thanks to some severe stomach problems, now resolved. It seems that the relatively few more severe issues I’ve experienced are one-off’s rather than allergic reactions to the chemo. It’s difficult to complain when I have friends who’ve had to deal with worse every day.

I’ve worked out of home for over 30 years, so the isolation aspect of Coronavirus hasn’t been much of an issue for me. The hardest part has been having to deal with this and Coronavirus at the same time. It means I’m pretty well confined to barracks. Because my immune system is compromised, I can’t shop for groceries or visit stores to pick things up. Instacart and Amazon, as well as some helpful friends, have been vitally important. I can walk Bob the Dog, because that’s isolated and outdoors, chat with people at a distance and go for drives, but that’s pretty well it. It pretty well kills spontaneous decisions, and that’s the hard part.

Luckily, I have no shortage of projects, and the one I want to focus on most is The Purge. I want to clear out as much stuff as possible, so that when all this is over, I can decide what adventure is next on the Road of Life, and travel light!