After a week that included a full-torso rash that had me looking like a cooked lobster (drug allergy,) swollen legs, a sore hip and a complete lack of sleep it’s always nice to get some good news:

The chemotherapy is working. My light chain protein count has decreased significantly, which is what we want to happen. We’ve taken me off the drug  that was causing the rash, reduced my steroid intake, and may switch me from the one injection I get to the oral version of the same drug, which would save me the trip to Princess Margaret every Saturday (which at least gets me out!) I’ve been sleeping better the past couple of nights.

They key thing, as I understand it, is to stop the production of light chain protein and then move on to doing what can be done to manage any damage to organs. In my case the heart in particular. That’s particularly timely since today is the third birthday of my bovine aortic valve replacement. The damage isn’t enough to require a visit to the cardiologist now (given coronavirus concerns) but at some point we’ll get on this. In the interim, I’m supposed to drink gallons of fluids. My only regret is that none of those fluids can be beer-ish in nature until this is all over.