Epson 9880 Large Format Fine Art Printer

$500.00 HST



I am selling my trusty Epson 9880 Printer, which I’ve used to do mostly my own work as well as some printing for fellow artists. It’s in fine condition with low mileage as you can see in the attached files showing ink usage, etc. I run a t least one test sheet a week to ensure the heads are clear. Here are several important points to consider if you’re interested:

  1. I live on the 42nd floor, and so does the printer. The elevator is slightly smaller than the printer so it will need to be upended when loaded in.  You will need to bring people with you to help with this. I’m sorry, but I can’t do much to help for health-related reasons. Because I need to book the service elevator for this, we will need to set a firm time for pickup.
  2. Because the printer needs to be upended I will drain the lines once you’ve decided to take it. Epson informs me not doing this can cause leaks within and outside the printer, damaging it, floors, etc.  This is not negotiable. It takes less than 1/2 hour to do. You will need to refill the lines ASAP to ensure the heads don’t block so you will probably need to stock up on ink.
  3. I will include several rolls of paper for the price, including Epson Cold Press Bright (24″,) Epson Hot Press Bright (44″ unopened) and several rolls of St. Cuthbert’s Photo Satin (17″.) These are pretty well worth the price of the printer themselves.
  4. The sale is subject to HST and I will provide a receipt. Again, no exceptions as this was a business purchase and I need to account for its sale.
  5. Contact me to arrange to see the printer. You will need to wear a mask.

For detailed specifications please click here.For recent printing test results and a status sheet click the download link below.


If you’d like to see the printer please contact me by email or phone at 416.368.3664. Serious inquiries only – no tirekickers.

Additional information

Weight 198 lbs
Dimensions 67 × 30 × 46 in