I have 3 lockers here at the Tower of Power and one of them is filled with nothing but framed prints from the days I did art shows and gallery exhibitions. Hard to believe but it’s close to eight years since I last did a show.

I printed all my work myself and after some misadventures with a “professional’ framer, started framing my work as well. While I saved on costs doing that using frames made by the wonderful Framing Depot I still spent quite a bit of time and money. Truth be told I didn’t sell a hell of a lot either, though I did pretty well over the years.

It’s unlikely I’m ever going to do another show, and so all this work is just sitting around taking up space. I estimate there are close to 100 framed prints. So, as part of the purge here, I’m reversing the process. I’m going through what I have with a bias toward removing and destroying old images and making the frames available to whoever might want them. I have more than a few images I look at now and go “What was I thinking” and they’ll be going to the recycling bin. I may keep others, but for the better part they’ll all be coming out of their frames. Some of them might make it to the online store here at reduced prices and I’ll post here if that’s the case. My goal is to have one less locker when all this is done.

I’ll also be unloading some gear here as time goes on and will post it here as well as at Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. If you know anyone looking for a nice 200 pound six foot wide printer in great working condition, that’s one thing that will eventually be available, though not quite yet.

I thought all this would be harder to do. It does, after all, represent a lot of work, and overall I’m pretty proud of what I achieved. It’s time though, and every item sold, purged, or thrown out lightens the load. At this stage, that’s a Good Thing.