UPDATE – April 25/17 – This kit sold this past weekend.

I am selling the 30mm lens kit for the Hassleblad XPAN camera, which provides a wider angle view than the stock 45mm lens. The Hasselblad XPan (not included) is an exceptional 35mm film rangefinder camera that captures images with amazing clarity, definition, and detail. The camera operates in two modes – regular 35mm format and as well 24 x 65mm panoramic format. 

The kit includes: 

• Leather case 
• 30mm 5.6 lens – clean and clear, no scratches, fungus, etc. 
• Center density filter 
• Front and rear lens caps 
• Viewfinder (missing the eye cup, and the fluid level has dried out) 
• Lens shade 
• Small fluid level 

Beyond the issues indicated above the lens and attachments are in excellent condition. The price for the kit is $2200 – CASH ONLY. No exceptions as I am unable to verify certified cheques or money orders. Again please note that this sale is for the lens kit only.

For more information, please contact me.