Here is a selection of my photos from the Canadian Opera Company’s 2016 production of Maometto II. This production – the last for this season – has been getting rave reviews from just about every media outlet. Performances were amazing, the sets beautiful, and it was well lit pretty well all the way through! The only challenge was draping along the stage to conceal footlights. Unfortunately it also partially obscured the performers when they were close to the edge of the stage.

Once again, this has been a great opportunity for me to work with one of the best production companies in the world, alongside a terrific photographer, Michael Cooper. Right now, not knowing where I’ll be for the next season, it’s hard to know whether I’ll be back to shoot another set of productions, and next season looks great. Here’s hoping!

Two of the images toward the end of the selection include a bit of photoshoppery. They’re each two images merged in photoshop. Easy to do in this case as the cast was dispersed at either end of the stage.

All images ©2016 Chris Hutcheson