Earlier this past Saturday, at St. Lawrence Market. I don’t think these are technically great images, but I wasn’t really thinking about that when I made them.
I always find this upsetting. I don’t know when he was tied up, but half an hour went by from when I noticed him until his people showed up. I wasn’t lurking, and I’m sure he’d have liked part of my breakfast-on-a-bun if I’d offered it. For most of it he stood there, tail wagging on and off, looking around and letting out a single bark every once in a while. Surrounded, and occasionally petted by people who probably could’ve walked off with him without being noticed. He was certainly happy to see his people when they showed up, and they seemed equally happy to see him. I can only imagine how they might have felt if he wasn’t there.
When Ray, my first dog, was still a puppy, I left him in my car outside the market, while I went in to buy groceries. When I came out, the car and Ray were gone. I’d parked in a no parking zone and as I eventually realized once I started breathing again, it had been towed. When I arrived at the tow yard he was still in the back seat, tail wagging. Although I was relieved, I was furious with the towing company for, ultimately, my negligence. Lesson learned: from then on, whenever I went to the Market for lunch, Ray or Bob was always in my line of sight and never more than the 10-foot distance from the side entrance to Carousel Bakery’s counter. Otherwise, they stayed home.
I always liked having my dogs with me as much as possible. I like to think I was good – maybe a tad obsessive – at balancing that against their (and my) comfort and safety/security. There are too many stories of dogs being stolen, not only in situations like this, but from private property. I’d never forgive myself. I’d hate for anyone – dogs or people – to be part of that story.