Here are some images from a performance I photographed May 9, of Rich Brown and the Abeng at the Canadian Opera Company‘s Free Concert Series. This is the 10th year I’ve shot the series, and there are always certain performances that  stand out for me. This was one of them, both from a musical (jazz) perspective and a photographic one. With spring underway the trees provided a great colour boost, as did the brilliant sunshine. Heat, as well, not only from the performance, but from that sunshine and a set of blinds that didn’t work.

On the technical side, Adobe’s recent update to Lightroom included a new set of colour profiles, and the Vivid one is, well, vivid, and very representative of what things actually look like, with minimal post-processing. On all levels I was really happy with this, one of the final performances of the season.

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All images ©2018 Chris Hutcheson